How To Become a Seaman in the Philippines

basic training for seaman at ctsi philippines - necessities or things to bring onboard

As one of the top paying jobs in the Philippines, many Filipinos are now dreaming to become a seaman. Filipinos are undeniably one of the top choices of foreign employers because of their passion and perseverance towards work. So if you’re ready to sail, there are various essentials  that you need to have. Read on.

Take a Training Course
The first thing that you need to do is to have a maritime training in the Philippines. Take the basic seaman training course known as BST and get a certification. The training includes; Sea Survival Techniques, Personal Safety and Social Responsibility, First Aid, Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention.

Get the seaman requirements
After passing the training, you need to have the following in order for you to be employed.

  • BST Certificate – You can get it in your training school.
  • Seaman’s Book – This document serves as your passport in this industry. Here’s how you can apply for it.
  • Passport – This is a common identification card in any country. This is used to enable aspiring seaman and other professionals to work abroad. Here’s how you can apply for it.

Apply to Manning and Shipping Agencies
Once everything is settled, it’s time to get employed. There are many employers and agencies out there but make sure you’ll get to a legitimate one. Always check POEA’s website to see the list of accredited and licensed agencies to avoid scams and fraud.

Learn Something New
If you want to always have a new knowledge in the industry, enroll in more maritime training programs. If you have a wide range of capabilities and education, there is a huge possibility to be promoted and rank on a high maritime position.

Seaman is not an easy job. Aside from the hardships in the training, there are challenges that you’ll face when you’re onboard. However, if you’re dedicated and willing to travel the world, then this career might just be for you. Good luck!

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