Climbing Up The Maritime Career Ladder

In all professions, there is a desire among most employees to rise up the ranks and get promoted. Being promoted means being given more important responsibilities, getting a raise, and adding a notch to your achievements. This also means that your contributions are being recognized and that your hard work and skills have paid off. The seafaring industry is no different. Having a high position in your ship is a huge honor for many seamen. It is also a testament to how their seafarer training in the Philippines has helped them become competent at what they do.

With that being said, getting a promotion is not easy to achieve. You have to do your duties extraordinarily well to become a candidate for these promotions. While it may take a bit of time, here are some tips to remember for you to increase your likelihood of getting promoted.

Prove your worth through excellent performance

Your bosses are more likely to hire you if they see your worth as a member of the crew. You can do this by working hard and excelling in your duties no matter what they are.  Showcase what you’ve learned during your maritime training in the Philippines. It’s unlikely that they’ll promote someone who does not contribute anything significant to the overall mechanism of the crew. Make sure you do your work diligently and efficiently so you can capture your captain’s attention for possible promotions.

Show initiative and willingness to learn

Aside from doing your duties well, a great way to get yourself on your captain’s radar is to show initiative and have a self-starting attitude. Some ways you can do this is by volunteering to fulfill certain tasks that aren’t necessarily yours, or by helping your fellow seamen in their tasks. This shows that you are proactive in helping your crew and are willing to learn new things. Speaking of willingness to learn, it helps to show an enthusiastic and inquisitive attitude in everything. Learning doesn’t just end once you get the job, after all.

Be a good leader

Once you get promoted, you will most likely be leading a team and heading several tasks. Your captain will not promote you if they don’t see any leadership capability in you. If there are opportunities for you to show off your leadership skills, take that chance. Not only will you get the attention of your captain, exercising your good leading skills will also be beneficial for the crew and the quality of your work as a whole.

Develop good interpersonal skills

It’s not enough to be recognized by your skills alone. Aside from having that, your captain will also look for good interpersonal capabilities. You must know how to be personable and still professional with your crewmates and other ship personnel. While there is nothing wrong with being introverted and quiet, you must make an effort in socializing. Doing so shows that you’re able to have discussions and good relationships with people of different backgrounds, which is a must for any leadership position.

Highlight your achievements when appropriate

While it’s not recommended to toot your own horn all the time, doing so come promotion time will be beneficial in reminding your superior of your capabilities. Additionally, you have very limited time in the ship with the people that have the power to promote you. If you do not highlight your achievements before this period ends, there is a chance that the opportunity may pass completely. So don’t be afraid to elaborate on your training in the Philippines as well as all the achievements you’ve amassed along the way.

It must be said that getting a promotion is no quick task. If you’re expecting to be promoted quickly, you’re in for disappointment. Despite this, following the steps above and working hard, coupled with a good strategy, will surely get you that well-deserved and well-earned promotion. It may take some time, but once you get that coveted position, you’ll realize that it’s worth it.

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