Factors Why Seafarers Keep On Going

Seafarers, once employed after their maritime training in the Philippines, are stationed far away from home and are isolated from the usual everyday interactions that they have been used to. They sacrifice a lot for the sake of their love ones so they need things to be determined. Is it messages from family? Perks from work? A tap in the back for a job well done? Here are some motivational factors for seafarers to get going.

Good rest and sleep

Due to the fact that seafarers are overworked most of the times, every one of them needs and deserve a sound sleep. The time when they can go back to their cabin and get some rest is probably the most awaited part of the day. A good sleep provides seafarers with the energy that they need to accomplish their task effectively.

Internet connection

Being connected to the internet is currently a necessity along with food and drinking water when offshore. Internet connection is almost a luxury when on board but it is implemented on every vessel for seafarers to have an easier mean of communicating with their families and relatives. Talking with them while offshore boost the spirit of every seafarers.

Appreciation for all the hard work

A few words of appreciation for the hard work done by each seafarers is a huge encouragement for them to go further. Being appreciated for the work they do make them feel that it is of great importance.

Bonuses given

Perks, monetary or not, increases output and keeps seafarers in high spirit. Receiving a little extra in the month end in a way makes seafarers identify themselves as part of the processes of the company. This factor establishes allegiance through loyalty between the company and the company that they are working with.

Appropriately timed sign-off

Timely sign off is often considered as a sign of a good company for seafarers to work at. Seafarers also have plans and given commitments to their loved ones once they landed on shore. This enables them to fulfill what they promised to their loved ones.

These things help every seafarer move forward and accomplish every task that are assigned to them despite every factor that hinders them to. In addition to this, working miles away from home requires each of them to be strong and determined.

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