Guide to Being Healthy Onboard

Your maritime training in the Philippines has equipped you with enough knowledge and skills that will help you survive onboard. But your physical and mental capacity to fulfill your duties as a crewmember still depends on your well being. There are many challengers seafarers face while on board that requires not only their physical strength, but their mental capacity as well. Here are some tips on how, despite the demanding job onboard, you will be able to keep yourself healthy and well.


Maintain a balanced meal

The upside of being able to sail around the world is the opportunity to taste the delicacies each destination has to offer. Seafarers can choose to have meals that include fish, fruits, vegetables and lean meat. Never skip breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day for seafarers to have the energy needed in their work.


Have a fitness regimen

You have been advised during your training in the Philippines to keep a fitness regimen to build your endurance and increase your strength. Work onboard and offshore is physically demanding, that is why it is good that you include exercise in your daily routine. Try to invite your crewmates for a basketball game. Not only will this keep yourself fit, it is also a good way to socialize with the rest of the crew, forming camaraderie with them.


Drink a lot of water

Drinking eight (8) glasses of water a day can help you cleanse your body of toxins that may weaken your immune system, leading to sickness. Health is important for seafarers as their job is both physically and mentally demanding.


Minimize drinking alcohol

It’s hard to resist when the world’s best liquor is just a dock away from you. Refraining from drinking alcohol. Many shipping companies prohibit their crew from consuming alcohol while on duty. Personal limits should be set and only occasional drinks should be allowed to maintain a sound health.


Always be positive

The backbreaking work while onboard, along with the long months you have to spend away from your loved ones can take a toll on your psyche. With today’s modern technology, it’s almost impossible to not be able to maintain constant communication with family and friends at home. Being reminded that there are people who care for you back home can motivate you to become optimistic with your work. Don’t take things too personal, as it will affect how you will interact with your crewmates. Difficult challenges may happen daily, but you must learn to not take them too seriously.


Keep an open line with the creator

God, Lord, Allah. It does not matter how you call the Higher Being. What is important is that there is someone you can pray to, especially when things go wrong. A simple prayer can bring forth a positive effect on a seafarer’s life. Whether if it’s a simple thank you, or a prayer asking for guidance, it’s always great to say even a simple prayer.


A life in the sea is very tough. Physically and emotionally demanding, you will need all the support, from your loved ones and yourself, in order to survive. Maritime training in the Philippines helps you prepare the skills demanded by the industry, but the ability to stay healthy as you fulfill your duties still depends on you.


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