Implementing Digital Measures For Better Services

Prior to the evolution of technology, getting the necessary services was quite a hassle for every seafarer. Whether it be getting their certifications, accessing their medical records, and the like, it used to be difficult and tedious to process all of these. But now, things have become much easier for both maritime institutions and professionals alike. As per the STCW Advisory No. 2020-03, they are officially rolling out the MARINA Integrated Seafarers Management Online System, or MISMO for short, to lessen the load of these tasks.

With this appointment system, basic processes can be done online instead of having to do it in person. This is in accordance with RA No. 11032, Section 7. This states that to make the processes a breeze for everyone involved, the only time professionals are required to go to MARINA is when their certificates are available for release.

Not only that, but for various involved maritime institutions, the MISMO system acts as a digital platform where said institutions can disseminate data, handle transactions, and the like with little need for face-to-face interactions. This saves time and effort for everyone so they can focus on their other tasks.

The first guideline to be followed in implementing MISMO is for maritime training centers, DOH-accredited health centers, maritime agencies, and more to provide their business email address for registration into the system.

After this, these relevant bodies should then submit a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). Once the MOA is signed and the MISMO account has been made, these institutions are now permitted to use the MISMO system for their business.

As MISMO is a data-sharing platform among other things, those who are registered have to share the following:

  • Medical fitness records (for DOH-accredited clinics)
  • Educational records (for maritime training centers and educational institutions)
  • Service at sea records (for shipping and manning agencies)

It’s important to submit these data as only the ones that are encoded into the system shall be recognized. If any of these institutions don’t have their data in MISMO, they will not be allowed to apply for certificates of competence, proficiency, etc.

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