Climbing Up The Maritime Career Ladder

In all professions, there is a desire among most employees to rise up the ranks and get promoted. Being promoted means being given more important responsibilities, getting a raise, and adding a notch to your achievements. This also means that your contributions are being recognized and that your hard work and skills have paid off. […]

What To Bring Before Boarding Your First Ship

Being excited to board your very first ship as a seafarer is definitely a normal experience. All your maritime training in the Philippines has been leading to this. It is the beginning of your career and your chance to show what your rigorous and extensive training in the Philippines has taught you. But before you […]

Women In The Marine Industry Event Held at Seawork

The Women in the Maritime Industry Inaugural Networking Event was held at Seawork International, the largest commercial marine & workboat exhibition held in Southampton, UK, last July 4. Nearly 80 women were in attendance for the talks of speakers Katy Ware, Director of Maritime Safety and Standards of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), and […]

Crew Pay Increases In 2018 After Years of Stagnation

The latest Manning Annual Review and Forecast report by shipping consultancy Drewry states that cost growth has returned to seafaring in 2018 and will continue to accelerate at a moderate pace on recovering vessel earnings and continued shortfall officer numbers. This is following years of stagnation due to the depressed state of most cargo markets […]

“LNG is A Benefit to the Philippines” – Asian Development Bank

According to an energy expert from Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Philippines will benefit through the introduction of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to support power generation and making it part of its energy mix. LNG has been proven to be a good fuel for ships, especially for those in the light of ever-tightening emission regulations. […]