DOLE Tackles Key Maritime Issues In Maritime Council Meeting

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) held a Maritime Industry Tripartite Council (MITC) on January 25, with the key industry issues such as maritime training, as well as the sinking of MV Mercraft 3, as its main agenda.   The maritime industry has had its fair share of tirades during the past few months, […]

Top Reasons Why A Merchant Navy Career Is Good For You

Today, majority of cargo is transported across the world through ships, making them a crucial component of international trade and instrumental to the improvement of the world’s economy through their remittances.   For Filipinos, the positive financial effects of having relatives who work in the maritime industry, has led many to encourage their children to […]

Seafarers’ Shore Leave Rights Reinforced

Seafarers’ rights to shore leave have been amended, adding more provisions concerning shore leave, security and updated FAL forms.   These amendments, which have been effective since January 1, aim to strengthen seafarers rights to shore leave, as well as to achieve the smooth transit in ports of cargo, ships and passengers.   The formal […]

Technologies That Will Lead Maritime Industry in 2018

A forecast made by industry leaders and engineers foresee how advancements in technology, such as the development in robotics, will help take the industry to new heights this year. These new pieces of technology are poised to change the face of IT and digitization in the industry.   Although shipowners are already aware of these […]

DTI To Provide Shipbuilding Support For Smaller Vessels

An incentives program is being planned by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to provide support for local manufacturers of small and medium sized vessels for domestic use.   It is currently being drafted in order to attract investors and boost local manufacturing that will be led by the DTI with the goal of […]