Passenger Ship Guidelines For GCQ and ECQ

As the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) shifts to general community quarantine (GCQ)  in certain places, new guidelines have been set up for both smooth operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the personal safety of everyone involved. As per MARINA Advisory No. 2020-29, the general overview of the announcement are as follows: Guidelines for passenger shipping […]

COVID-19 Necessities For Every Seafarer

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has put most of the world on hold, the same cannot be said for the work of various frontliners in different fields. Healthcare workers, grocery store employees, and yes, even seafarers, are all part of this team staying in the frontlines in order to keep the world running while the rest […]

Mental Health Guide For Seafarers During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The current coronavirus outbreak isn’t just a matter of physical health anymore. It’s also become a mental health issue for everyone – the ones stuck in quarantine, those who know a COVID-19 patient personally, and of course the actual patients themselves. For seafarers, in particular, it may even add to the existing stress of their […]

Effects of COVID-19 on Philippine Shipping Operations

The enhanced community quarantine and lockdown measures imposed in response to COVID-19 have had quite significant effects on various operations in different industries. The shipping field is no different, with more than half of the operations experiencing delays, cancellations, or incompletion because of the quarantine protocols laying out limitations for travel and transportation. The Maritime […]

What To Do With COVID-19 Cases At Sea?

With the COVID-19 pandemic still going strong and with no signs of stopping anytime soon, the possibility of these cases happening onboard a ship should be taken into consideration. This is especially apparent since the situation with the Diamond Princess cruise ship, with 80 Filipino crewmen infected in that vessel alone. Not only is this […]