Common Accidents In A Maritime Workplace

Part of offshore safety training in the Philippines is knowing what the common accidents are in the maritime workplace. Once you’re assigned to a vessel or site, you’ll be in situations that make you prone to said incidents, which is why there’s a necessity for safety training.  Knowledge of such incidents occurring can help you […]

Makings Of A Good Maritime Training Instructor

In your journey towards becoming a full-fledged seafarer, you will be meeting a lot of different instructors in your courses. Whether they’re GWO training providers, OPITO training providers, or safety trainers, they are all there for the purpose of ensuring you’re highly-trained and qualified for the maritime field. But aside from learning these courses, you […]

Dealing With Maritime Training Stress

Without sugarcoating it, a career in the maritime industry is often stressful and filled with a lot of challenges each professional needs to overcome. The maritime training in the Philippines isn’t much different, as you need to be able to handle the physical demands of the job, and that reflects on the courses. Still, this […]

Why Is Offshore Safety Training In The Philippines Ideal?

When it comes to offshore safety training in the Philippines, there are several factors that contribute to the curriculum’s well-respected status in the industry. Contrary to what beginners might believe, you don;t have to go abroad to get high-quality seafarer training. If you’re a Filipino thinking about becoming a maritime trainee, here’s why studying in […]

How To Make Maritime Training Worthwhile

The basic training courses that people undergo during their maritime training courses in the Philippines help trainees acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to become great seafarers. With so many programs to enroll in, it may be challenging to ensure you actually get to enjoy the process and make it a worthwhile experience. Here are […]