What To Look For In Your Safety Trainers

In the maritime training process in the Philippines, a student is only as good as the safety trainers that instruct them. Regardless if the curriculum is updated or not, if the basic training is not up to par, this can lead to a lack of necessary skills as a seafarer. This would then result in […]

Benefits of Rigger Training

Rigger training is one of the many offshore safety training courses that can be taken by aspiring seafarers. As a key part of seafaring and the oil and gas profession, being able to do such tasks is a necessity for smoother operations. This particular OPITO course has three stages to test both newbies and experienced […]

Different STCW Courses You Can Take

STCW courses are a key part of the training you need for your maritime career. Because the acronym stands for Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping, it comes as no surprise that these programs are a need to maintain quality in the seafarers produced. As per the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification, and […]

Blended Courses Delivery: Various Opito & In House Courses

Please be informed that CTSI has transitioned the delivery of VARIOUS OPITO & IN HOUSE courses into Hybrid Leaning / Blended courses. From the traditional face to face for the whole duration of training, Lecture portion or the Theoretical Learning Outcomes of the course will now be delivered online via zoom application and the practical […]

Flexibility Period Extended For Refreshing Existing GWO Training

We would like to inform you of an update from Global Wind Organization (GWO) regarding the refresher flexibility period being extended.Participants have so far been permitted an additional 60 days beyond their certificate’s expiry during which time they could complete a refresher training course. This temporary measure was enforced until 1 June 2020. But now, […]