SRN and MISMO: What You Need To Know

All maritime training centers in the Philippines are now required to ask all aspiring and current Filipino seafarers who wish to take STCW courses to provide an SRN prior to training. What is SRN? SRN or Seafarers Registration Number is a unique identification number assigned by MARINA. Why do you need an SRN? MARINA will […]

Access Your OPITO Training Records Anytime, Anywhere

OPITO has a free mobile application that allows users to track and monitor their OPITO Approved training.   OPITO TRAIN R allows the user to access OPITO training records anywhere in the world via an iPhone, iPad or Android device. This helps ensure that safety and competency certification is kept up to date and workers […]

Working At Heights Training: Why It’s A Must

Working at heights training is just one of the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) – Basic Safety Training (BST) modules offered by maritime schools in Manila. The other modules are first aid, manual handling, fire awareness, and sea survival. Within the context of the maritime industry, working at heights training is meant for those who are […]

More Ro-Ro Ships To Be Built By ISP

The current maritime landscape has welcomed new trends and innovations in the name of improvement. From curriculum adjustments in several MARINA training centers to new standards in maritime operations, all of these have been done with the best interest in mind. Part of embracing the new is the discontinuation of the old, and this is […]

How To Get a WINDA ID

Before you take a GWO Basic Safety Course, you will be asked to provide a WINDA ID. WINDA ID is a unique, random and system generated number which serves as the main Delegate identification. It is therefore important that you always keep your WINDA profile active and up-to-date, and that you supply employers and Training […]