Maritime Security and Safety From Piracy

As a seafarer in the maritime industry, you are exposed to more risks to certain workplace hazards. The sea, after all, can be quite a dangerous place, especially during inclement weather conditions. Another danger that seafarers can face is the threat of piracy, which is defined as the violent action committed on the seas or […]

Maritime Industry Raises Alarm Over Decrease in Deployed Filipino Seafarers

With the drop in number of Filipino seafarers deployed in international shipping vessels, the local maritime industry has raised alarm among professionals. This is after the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) reported that the deployment of sea-based Filipino workers had decreased at around 65,000 in 2017, as compared to 2016. It was also reported that […]

Methanol As Fuel In Larger Marine Diesels

To reduce emissions from marine engines, methanol is being tested as fuel for larger marine diesels. As noted by maritime consultancy company Dag Pike, these tests have had some success. Because of this, methanol is now being used as fuel for smaller craft. Tests are also being conducted on pilot boat engines. Together with Swedish […]

Climbing Up The Maritime Career Ladder

In all professions, there is a desire among most employees to rise up the ranks and get promoted. Being promoted means being given more important responsibilities, getting a raise, and adding a notch to your achievements. This also means that your contributions are being recognized and that your hard work and skills have paid off. […]

What To Bring Before Boarding Your First Ship

Being excited to board your very first ship as a seafarer is definitely a normal experience. All your maritime training in the Philippines has been leading to this. It is the beginning of your career and your chance to show what your rigorous and extensive training in the Philippines has taught you. But before you […]