How To Make Maritime Training Worthwhile

The basic training courses that people undergo during their maritime training courses in the Philippines help trainees acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to become great seafarers. With so many programs to enroll in, it may be challenging to ensure you actually get to enjoy the process and make it a worthwhile experience. Here are […]

Benefits Of The Wind Turbine Industry

The training that maritime courses offer can help you develop a lot of skills needed for working at an industrial wind turbine plant. Being a part of the wind industry is one career path you can choose after you’ve finished your programs. But what exactly does the wind turbine industry offer that makes it a […]

How Offshore Training In The Philippines Can Be Improved Amid COVID-19

With COVID-19 stopping several industries including the maritime field, there have been ways companies and organizations are addressing the issues it has brought. The same can be said for offshore training in the Philippines. It caused instructors and institutions to adjust and adapt to these trying times. With this crisis in mind, how can the […]

What To Look For In Your Safety Trainers

In the maritime training process in the Philippines, a student is only as good as the safety trainers that instruct them. Regardless if the curriculum is updated or not, if the basic training is not up to par, this can lead to a lack of necessary skills as a seafarer. This would then result in […]

Benefits of Rigger Training

Rigger training is one of the many offshore safety training courses that can be taken by aspiring seafarers. As a key part of seafaring and the oil and gas profession, being able to do such tasks is a necessity for smoother operations. This particular OPITO course has three stages to test both newbies and experienced […]