How To Practice Better Health Protocols At Sea

Even with vaccines underway, it may be a long time before the world is truly rid of COVID-19. It has become a regular part of our everyday life that offshore safety training courses in the Philippines should consider including COVID-19 prevention measures as part of the curriculum. But for now, here are guidelines you can […]

Maritime in 2021

With the pandemic nearing a year since it had begun, it has affected a lot of industries in the world. One of the most affected ones is the maritime industry, with lockdowns forcing professionals to not go out and stay at home, or to stay isolated until they can be repatriated. Because maritime trade is […]

Renewable Energy During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a shift in various sectors of every country. Among them, the energy sector has also experienced dynamic changes, with fossil fuel energy sources in particular suffering huge blows in its demand. Though this particular energy source has been on the decline even before the pandemic, the lockdown measures imposed by […]

Oil And Gas Post-Pandemic: What Will Happen?

Several industries have declined since the pandemic began. The oil and gas industry is just one of those unfortunate fields. If we take in what’s happening in the US, with over 107,000 jobs in the oil and gas field lost to the pandemic, we can see that COVID-19 has really taken its toll on both […]

Common Accidents In A Maritime Workplace

Part of offshore safety training in the Philippines is knowing what the common accidents are in the maritime workplace. Once you’re assigned to a vessel or site, you’ll be in situations that make you prone to said incidents, which is why there’s a necessity for safety training.  Knowledge of such incidents occurring can help you […]