CTSI’s Mission, Vision, and Quality

Our Vision

To be a catalyst in the promotion of the Filipino as an essential component in the success of the various industries worldwide.

Our Mission

To provide maritime, oil and gas, as well as technical skills development and training programs that promote competence, professionalism, safety consciousness, and integrity and deliver utmost value to our clients.

To Our Clients

We shall further strengthen our long term relationship with our clients by understanding and meeting their needs.

To Our Employees

We shall provide a conductive organizational climate whereby our people, out most valuable asset, are motivated to maximize their full potential as persons and professionals towards the achievement of individual, organizational and societal goals.

To Our Business Partners

We shall maintain a strategic alliance and mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers and trade partners to ensure the long-term success and viability of CTSI.

We shall honor and maintain the integrity of our contracts with suppliers and subcontractors.

To Our Community

We shall be an active partner in achieving national economic growth and prosperity by striving to make our services at par with the best in the world.

We shall recognize and fulfill the company’s social responsibility as a leading provider of service in the maritime and offshore safety, firefighting and other related training fields in support of the country’s manpower development industries.

Our Quality Policy

Consolidated Training Systems Inc., is a provider of quality training programs and services to the maritime, petroleum offshore and renewable energy industries. A team committed to continually improve its management systems in order to deliver utmost value through its training programs and services.

In developing, packaging and delivering our training programs and services:

  • We always put in mind the interest and welfare of our stakeholders, clients, employees, suppliers and service providers, and the public at large;
  • We commit to consistently satisfy applicable accreditation and regulatory requirements;
  • We constantly strive to assess and regularly update our training courses/programs to keep  up keep up with new technologies and latest trends in the maritime, petroleum offshore and renewable energy industries;
  • We develop and empower our management, teaching and non-teaching staff to render effective services;
  • We prioritize the care and protection of the environment in all our decisions and actions.

Quality Objective

To achieve customer satisfaction. To accomplish this, we shall constantly strive to:

  • Develop and empower our training specialists to become effective instructors
  • Develop and improve our training equipment to facilitate quality instructions
  • Develop and empower our management and staff to render effective support services
  • Assess and update regularly our courses/programs to keep up with the new technologies and latest trends in the maritime and offshore industry
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