Guidelines For COVID-19 In The Maritime Industry

The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) released their MARINA Advisory No. 2020-14 in response to the quarantine the Philippine government is undertaking during the fight against COVID-19. In addition to this, other maritime-related organizations are also providing ways for seafarers and trainees to handle their business without compromising their health. See below. MARINA As per the […]

How To Improve Maritime Teaching In The Philippines

The Philippines is considered one of the best sources for maritime professionals worldwide. It’s apparent in how everywhere you go, you’re likely to meet a Filipino seafarer working here or overseas. This is a testament as to how effective maritime school are here in Manila and in other parts of the country, if it manages […]

MARINA Calls For Compliance With The IMO 2020 Global Sulfur Cap

It’s a known fact that sulfur and sulfur oxide emissions can cause air pollution in the environment, and this is one of the things you learn from your maritime courses in the Philippines. For this reason, the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Global Sulfur Cap was established to combat such pollution. The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) […]

Waste Disposal In Ships: Workshop Held By MARINA

Disposing garbage is an important duty among many seafarers, and one that should be taught alongside other maritime courses in the Philippines. Aside from maintaining cleanliness and protecting the environment, eliminating all the excess waste allows for a smoother process on the ship. For this reason, the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) held the National Workshop […]

How Filipino Values Can Make Good Seafarers

It’s been said time and again that Filipinos are highly favored by international shipping companies. With expertise stemming from their taken maritime courses in the Philippines combined with innate Filipino values, they turn out outstanding performances in their duties. This is why the Philippines is considered the top source for quality seafarers. Not only are […]