Choosing the Offshore Training School for You

In a world where there is no sea too deep, or  too ocean to wide, career in the maritime industry has become one of the most in demand. The Philippines is one of the five largest supply countries of seafarers in the world, making it one of the most in demand courses in the country. […]

How To Become a Seaman in the Philippines

Photo courtesy of As one of the top paying jobs in the Philippines, many Filipinos are now dreaming to become a seaman. Filipinos are undeniably one of the top choices of foreign employers because of their passion and perseverance towards work. So if you’re ready to sail, there are various essentials  that you need […]

Valuable Things Seafarers Learn while Onboard

Maritime and OPITO training in the Philippines can teach you many things that are important in your offshore career. But as they say, experience is the best teacher and there are things that you can fully understand once you face them. Here are some valuable lessons that you can learn as a sea worker: Social […]