Maritime Industry on a Greener Horizon

green sea horizon

Globalization and the endless need for innovation pushed the boundaries for advancements in various aspects of the maritime and seafaring industry. However, all that progress requires greater responsibility in preserving nature.

Environmental issues have been raised and maintaining the quality of the air is one of them. Organizations assure that there are certain standard of allowable emission to assure that the air remain breathable. In addition to this, the water wherein every ship sail has an intricate biodiversity that is being exposed to various threats. Transport vessels used regularly are sources of toxic discharge mainly consists of ballast water, gray and black water, bilge water, and other discharges that are unnatural and pose a negative impact to the marine environment. These discharges will obviously affect the sea biodiversity in ways that will take time to be restored and in some worse cases, irrevocable.

Awareness and the preservation of natural resources have been a major influence on shipping and navigation process. Today, lists of standards and policies that cover both national and international territories mandate how the industry should operate. Players have been increasing their efforts to formulate and implement techniques to lessen the ecological footprint, the measure of the overall impact of human activities on the environment.

Improving the industry should be viewed as a whole. High goals for productivity and efficiency should be combined with high respect for the environment. The key to sustainability in almost every industry is to take a step back and see not only the farthest, but also a greener horizon.

One of the simplest and possible solutions is to train the future individuals in the maritime industry to be an advocate of environmental protection and conservation. Consolidated Training Systems, Inc. one of the training school that offers offshore safety training in the Philippines. For OPITO-Approved training center in the Philippines, Consolidated Training Systems, Inc. a considerable option to enroll.

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