What you need to know about being a Sailor

Maritime transportation is one of many ways to transport people and cargos by means of water. As the result , people become interested in careers on the ship like sailors.

What do you know about being a sailor and what does it take to be a sailor?


What does a sailor do?

Sailors run the operations of maritime vessels and on-deck equipment under the administration of their officers. They can work on many types of vessel such as towboats, tugboats, ferries, offshore supply vessels, and deep-sea merchant ships,… They are in charge for the maintenance of non-engineering areas on the ship and watch out for navigation signs such as lighthouses as well as other vessels they might encounter on the shore. Moreover, they update the information of the surroundings around the ship, for example the depth of the water, the weather, and notify to the supervisors. They also help with fixing mechanical problems and operating facilities like anchors and cargo-handling equipment.


What kind of training does a sailor need?

Normally, the sailing job requires at least a high school diploma. Many sailors complete a formal training and learn all needed lessons aboard, like basic boat handling, maritime safety, navigation. Also, a sailor must possess first aid and CPR training certification. To get all the preparation steps, you can find a training center to start, for example, you can go to an offshore training philippines center or any maritime course to earn needed certifications and skills.


What do you expect from the career as a sailor?

If you are a sailor with extensive experience, a good prospect will be reachable. There will be more job opportunities from the need to replace the retired, transfer sailors or from sailors, who leave their job for other professional reasons. A career as a sailor will be a good option for people, who love water and travelling. Being a sailor, you must have a good decision-making skill as you do not know what will happen in the middle of the ocean.

If you are interested in being a sailor, consider all the aspects carefully and start your plan right now in order to achieve your goal.

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