Opito Certificate Extension Policy (Effective July 1, 2020)

Opito continues to ensure that, in these exceptional circumstances, a sustable extension process is available for delegates (self-sponsor) and employing companies.

It is expected that this certificate extension process is used where there are no other available alternatives to undertake training and/or assessment

Please note, previous extension arranagements will close at 23:59 hrs GMT, Tuesday 30 June 2020 and the process as outlined in this updated policy, will be active and applied to all request received after 00:00 hrs GMT Wednesday 1 July 2020.

For reference, the previous extension policy arrangements were outlined in the following policies:

  1. OPITO.C19.GLB.002 (19 May 2020)
  2. OPITO.C19.GLB.001 (11 March 2020)

See below reasons that will be taken into consideration when applying for a certificate extension where circumstances impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic only.

  1. An individual cannot gain access to a training provider in their area due to restrictions introduced by Government (or local authorities) and/or training center closures.
  2. An individual’s current certificate is due to expire due to circumstances outwin their control relating to COVID-19, including shielding, and a period of isolation or quarantine.

Request will now only be considered for certificates that have an expiry date within 14 days from application for extension and, as specified, the issues are related directly to COVID-19.

There are two ways to apply for an extension to an OPITO certificate:

  1. Delegates (self-sponsors) will be able to apply for an extension by completing the Delegate Form – https://www.opito.com/certificate-extension-delegate-v2
  2. Employing companies will be able to apply for an extension by completing the Employer Form – https://www.opito.com/certificate-extension-employer-v2

Please note, the extension request will be reviewed and processed as a priority. Please do not send multiple extension request(s) as this will delay the verification of request(s).

Requests will only be granted where there is clear evidence to support the circumstances as outlined above. Please note, as part of its due diligence, OPITO may check the availability of training providers in the delegate’s local area and reserves the right to reject the extension requeste where, in its reasonable opinion, there are suitable training and assessment options available.

Should the request be successful, a new certificate number will be generated and logged in the Vantage system. This new number will indicate that an extension has been granted, therefore a replacement certificate will not be issued.

** If an extension is granted it will extend the expiry date of the delegate’s current certificate by one month.
** It is important to note that, if an extension is granted, the expiry date of the new refresher certificate, once training has been undertaken, will correspond with the expiry date of the original certificate.

Following the expiry of an extension granted under the direction of this policy, requests received for a further period of extension will undergo a stringent review and monitoring prociess. Further approval will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

All extension requests must be made through the OPITO website www.opito.com/covid19

Should you have further questions related to the certificate extension process, you may email directly to the following:

Delegates (self-sponsors) delegate.support@opito.com
Employing companies employer.support@opito.com

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