Port of Hamburg Sets Throughput and Container Handling Record

Port of Hamburg from Germany has set a record high of 110 million tons of throughput in the first nine months of the year. Moreover, container handling set a record mark of 7.4 million TEUs with a boosted market share of container traffic for the period of January to September from 26.1% to 26.7%.

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“Hamburg is profiting especially from the double-digit growth in the container trade with Asia. With 12.8 percent growth, China particularly, Hamburg’s largest partner in the container trades, contributed to the immense boost in seaborne foreign trade for Germany’s largest universal port. The Port of Hamburg handled 2.3 million TEU containers to and from China in the first nine months of 2014. In direct container trade with Indian ports, in the first three quarters of the year Hamburg achieved a 15.4 percent advance to 176,000 TEUs. Development of container trade with Malaysia during this period was also highly satisfactory, advancing by 10.2 percent to 203,000 TEUs. Container trade with Africa also made excellent progress, increasing by 28.2 percent. Here it is primarily the container trades with Northern and South Africa that are ensuring steep growth,” said Axel Mattern, a member of the Executive Board of Port of Hamburg Marketing (HHM)

With this increase, the Port of Hamburg is expected to have figure around 144 million tons of cargo throughput generally, and of approximately 9.7 million TEUs for container handling. This would mean topping the 2008 record mark for seaborne cargo throughput of 140 million tons.

“If all goes well, in 2014 we could achieve a 3.6 percent increase in seaborne cargo throughput and one of between 3.8 and 5.1 percent on container handling,” Mattern added.

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Source: World Maritime News

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