Seafaring Tips: Things to Do Before Going Aboard

After the maritime training in the Philippines, you will soon be employed and be destined far away from home. But before joining the respective ship, there are things every seafarer should do.

Here are some basic and essential seafaring tips that must be done before joining boarding ship.

Exchange contact information with your family and close relatives

Giving every contact details possible to your love ones will make you and your family feel more secure regarding your safety. Note to them your ship’s email address, phone number, and the right person from your shipping company so they can contact you in case of emergency.

Having your own phone book with the contact details of all your close relatives other than your immediate family members is an advantage for situations wherein you are not able to contact them right away.

Secure multiple copies of your documents

Secure multiple copies of every single official document associated with work, file them together, and keep in a secured place before going to the ship. Seafarers are always required to bring with them the original documentations and these additional copies are helpful in cases that you misplace or lose it.

Check your job contract

Verify all the documents provided by your company to avoid any miscommunication and discrepancies onboard. It is highly advisable to check all the travelling documents and read your contract thoroughly before signing it.

Have some cash-in-hand

Not all shipping companies issue advanced money to the crew making it necessary to carry some cash for emergency use. You will need it to buy some food, coffee, or make phone calls along with other necessities.

Be knowledgeable with local conditions and governing laws

You will be moving across seas so you better have an idea regarding various rules and regulations. Different countries have different laws and it is imperative to abide by them to avoid having cases charged against you on foreign lands.

Travel light

Remember that you are going on a trip for work and not on any vacation so bring what is only need. Having too much luggage will make you end up not using and needing everything at all. light and follow luggage guidelines accordingly.

As seafarers, you will be offshore for a long time so you should be prepared before anything else. You need to be prepared with what things and information to leave to your family, the requirements that you need to bring onboard, and every detail regarding your work and workplace to be assured of a smooth sailing life at sea.




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