A Story of Every Filipino Seafarer

Image courtesy of safety4sea.com

Every person, profession and discipline has its own story and being a seafarer is no exemption. Filipino seamen or Filipino seafarers refers to overseas Filipino worker who are sea-based migrant workers. Nowadays, when hearing someone saying that they are working as a seaman, the first impression of the people might be those workers has a lot of benefits, they are being taken cared of, or the most usual impression, they have a bigger salary.

They are tasked to work in the sea, away from their love ones and from the job far from the usual. Regardless of the hardship, they are still in the position of doing their responsibility well in the sea.

Behind those impression of the people about working as a seafarer, they have no idea what it is to be a seafarer. In this article, let’s talk about the reign of being a seaman in the Philippines. What are their stories?

A Story of a Hero
Today, seafarer is often looked up as one of the country’s hero, who provides remittances from the dollars they earn. These remittances help domestic consumption and a major ingredient in the Philippines to drive a sustainable growth. Working as a seaman do not just rely on a hero being a father or a hero to his fellow countrymen, but also a hero to the people they serve for. In short, Filipino seafarers are not only a hero for themselves, nor their family but also a hero for the whole country.

A Story of an Individual with a Strong Personality
Being a seaman is never an easy job. If family problems arise, seafarers can’t just go home and leave their responsibilities in the ship behind. In time, they learned how to be strong and balance personal and professional life.

A Story of Inspiration
There are actually a lot of Filipino seafarers who received an honorable mention because of their good attitude and perseverance they show onboard. One of them is Jasmin Labarda, the first Filipina who became a captain in the age of 32. This proves that the maritime industry is not just for men but also for a women.

Next is Vicente Somera a Filipino seafarer who named as a hero in London after rescuing a sailor in danger back in 2014. This also proved that Filipino seamen are not just hard working people but also serves as a good example around the world.

Another inspiring story is about the fifteen seafarers who received an award from Norwegian Armed Force. The award recognizes their role in assisting the Norwegian government and the United Nations in removing chemical weapons in Syria. This award proves the attitude and abilities of every Filipino seafarer.

A Story of Dedication
From the first day of their maritime training in the Philippines up to their first day as a seafarer, they are equipped by dedication. Despite the challenges and dangers that they might encounter in the sea, they show no hesitation and doubts. They will continue for themselves, for their goals, for their family, for the people they serve for and for the country they represent. A true story of dedication is when you know you might be in danger but for your dedication in helping, you will continue for it.

A Pride of The Philippines
Philippines is among the number one source of seafarers around the world. In fact, Filipino seafarers are comprised of more than 25% of  1.5 Million mariners worldwide. Foreign countries describe Filipinos as hardworking, disciplined, flexible and packed with a strong attitude towards working.

For all our Filipino seamen, we salute all of you! If you are an aspiring seaman, work hard and start training. Someday, you will be one of the pride of the Philippines as well.

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