Traits of a Filipino Seafarers

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Philippines are among the top countries that produced quality seafarers around the world. In fact, filipino seafarers comprise 25% of seafarers around the world. Because of the high demand of this career around the world, the huge demand of maritime training in the philippines are also increasing. Top factors might be because this career gives higher salary and a lot of benefits. If you wish to have a career in this industry, what should be the traits that you need to engage yourself? We listed it up for you. Here’s the list;

Can stimulates positive thoughts and feeling
Seafarer needs to have a positive traits in life pertaining to be outgoing, active, energetic, assertive, enthusiastic and competitive. A successful career always comes with a positive outcome towards working.

Can positively react to situations
Problems will always strike in every situation as you do your work in the sea. Good seafarer react positively and comes up with a solutions without doubts and hesitations.

Can promotes control of environment
Working in the sea involves being aware in different environment. One of the seaman’s role is to take control of every situations that demands the environment, adjust and being used to it,

Can combat loneliness and homesickness
Seafarers career requires being away with your love ones. Whether they like it or not, they need to get used to the situations away from them for a long time.

Can think fast and clear
Sea jobs demands a quick thinking of problems solution as it risk many people. A good seafarer has that fast problem solving skills.

Can secure and calm themselves
In line with the problems, good seafarer needs to secure and calm themselves. They must solve the problems calmly and with very good outlook.

Can fight stress
In every work related stuff, stress is the number one big factor. There are times that you being loaded by big responsibilities at the sea, seafarers must not add stress in the problems, they solve it.

Can control fears and inferiority complex
Great seafarer don’t think of the people ahead of them, instead, work hard to attain that position. Dreams is much important than the status. Work hard is the key.

Can have a quality work and work efficiency
In the end of the day, a good seafarer can feel the contentment of the job they did for the day. Quality work is equal to contentment and a good seafarers knows that!

Can involves in group action
Sea jobs also getting used on working in a group. Seafarers needs to adapt everyone’s working attitude to adjust in every work related way.

Can have a good relationship with people
A seafarer also needs to be socialize. They will encounter a lot of people in different nationalities and culture and having a good relationship with them is a big factor to have a better work performance.

Can build up good communication skills
Seafarers doesn’t speak in tagalog while onboard. As mentioned, they will encounter different nationalities and it requires to speak will in the national language which is in English.

A good seafarer might demand for a quality people but will assure that this career can help themselves, their family as well as the country they worked for.

Good luck on a seafarer career!

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