Valuable Things Seafarers Learn while Onboard

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Maritime and OPITO training in the Philippines can teach you many things that are important in your offshore career. But as they say, experience is the best teacher and there are things that you can fully understand once you face them. Here are some valuable lessons that you can learn as a sea worker:

Social Skills
Imagine working in a limited space with limited people doing exactly the same thing as you. Of course, you do not want to just sit in the corner and bored yourself doing nothing. As a maritime professional, you will learn how to improve your social skills to get around, meet co-workers, and know each of them.

Time Management & Organizational Skills
As a worker in the sea, there are times that you will be assigned to do several things at the same time. With this, you will learn how to prioritize tasks from the simple to the most important ones. Deadlines are very important as well and in time, you will learn how to juggle things and adjust based on the given time frame.

Leadership Skills
Leadership is not just about attaining the highest ranking position in the sea. Everyone can be leader in their own way. When a problems strikes, everyone can contribute and come up with a possible solution. Sea workers can think strategically if they are equipped with motivation, responsibility and creativity.

Home Chores
Sea workers are living with themselves while on the ship. They are responsible with their own space and belongings including clothing and cabin. No maids, wife, nor mom to help them with their chores. This allows them to be more mature and learn new things by themselves.

Communication Skills
Sea workers face different people and cultures in the ship. This enhances their communication skills as well as in coordinating and dealing with various folks. Not all can speak English and this helps them learn new languages as well.

Traveling around the world is one of the perks of being a sea worker. They are able to have the knowledge of the principles behind the features of the sea and places they went into, as well as its physical characteristics, capital cities and even the human life.

Administration and Management
As a sea-based worker, they will always come up with a strategic planning in order to properly take action once problems arise. However, this also includes production methods for easy transition of tasks and sufficient coordination of resources. Of course, workers need to be ready all the time, they are the ones who will help themselves in times in the sea, no matter what.

Patience is one of the required traits of a sea-based worker. Their job entails working away from the things that they used to do or used to have. They wait for a long time until they can finally come home. This helps them realize the importance of time, love and family.

Working as a seaman, sea captain, oil digger or whatever your responsibility in the sea doesn’t just enhance your working skills towards your job but also teaches you new things that you can use even after your maritime career.

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