Additional Guidelines on the Revalidation of Certificate of Proficiency (COP) Issued Under Regulation VI/1, VI/2 AND VI/3 and in Accordance with Sections A-VI/1, A-VI/2 and A-VI/3 of the 2010 Manila Amendments to the STCW Convention

We wish to inform you of the following Advisory from Marina, published in this page


Senior Marketing and Sales Associate

Consolidated Training Systems Inc. (CTSI)

Pasay City

Job Highlights

  • Dynamic Work Environment
  • Excellence driven team
  • Training and Development opportunities

Job Description

The Senior Marketing and Sales Associate is responsible in meeting or exceeding the monthly and annual target enrollment. He/she supports the continuous improvement of CTSI’s quality of services by providing inputs from clients to concerned departments. Supports and puts emphasis on the product/service development aspect of CTSI by gathering pertinent data on client and market needs



·        Conducts promotional and direct selling campaigns and ensures that

his/her department meets its monthly, quarterly and annual quota.

·        Conducts promotional and direct selling campaigns to new and existing clients.

·        Contributes to team effort in bringing in 5 new clients a month.

·        Maintains and handles top clients being assigned by Sales & Marketing Manager.

·        Makes daily sales calls to assigned clients.

·        Contributes to team effort in bringing in international partnerships and

batch training agreements.

·        Whenever required, tours clients to CTSI Cavite facilities and/or head office.


·        Assists the Marketing Manager/ Marketing Officer in mentoring and

training incoming Marketing Staff.

·        Ensures 100% completion of orientation and training of incoming

Marketing and Sales Associate.

·        Spearheads 100% implementation of the Marketing Plan amongst

Marketing Associates.


·        Submits daily, weekly and monthly reports as requested by the Marketing& Sales Manager.

·        Ensures 100% monitoring, review and reporting of all marketing activities and results.


·        Performs other duties that may be assigned from time to time.

Additional Information

Career Level 1-4 Years Experienced Employee

Qualification Bachelor’s/College Degree

Years of Experience: 3 years

Job Type Full-Time

Job Specializations: Services, Customer Service


We would like to inform you that we are moving to our new office, Unit 506 – 510, Aspire Corporate Plaza, Lot 2 Road 3, CBP 1A MOA Complex Brgy. 76, Zone 10 Pasay City. 

You may still reach us using the same trunklines: TL:+632 85240572. 

Effective July 1, kindly advise your delegates to proceed at the new address when joining our bus going to Cavite Sites. Attached is the map for your reference.


The actions are taken worldwide and within the Philippines, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the conduct of trainings, revalidation of certificates, and ship to shore interactions including effecting crew changes.

In response thereto, the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) adopts IMO Circular Letter No. 4204/Add.5/Rev.1 dated 02 April 2020 which encourages the issuing Administration and the Port State Control authorities to take a pragmatic and practical approach” with regard to the extension of the validity of seafarer’s certificates and endorsement, as strictly necessary, in accordance with the STeW Convention, 1978, as amended.

 In view thereto, the following guidelines relative to the extension of the validity of the STeW certificates are hereby issued. 
1. All STCW certificates previously extended by virtue of earlier issued MARINA Advisories bearing reference numbers “MA-2020-83”, “MA-2020-73”, “MA2020-66”, and “MA-2020-64” (all series of 2020) but were not re-validated up to now due to lack of refresher training as applicable to their certificate to be revalidated shall be extended up to 31 December 2021 without the need to file for an application of extension at the MARINA. This applies to all seafarer’s who are both ONBOARD or ASHORE on the date of issue of this Advisory.

 2. All STCW certificates issued by MARINA that are expiring between the period 01 July 2021 to 31 December 2021 (dates inclusive) shall be extended for a period of one (1) year from the date of expiry of the certificates without the need to file for an application of extension at the MARINA. This applies only to all seafarers who are ONBOARD on the date of issue of this Advisory.

3. The concerned licensed manning agencies and shipping companies are required to ensure that the crew are compliant with the above-mentioned STCW requirements, and are hereby directed to submit to MARINA the list of their crewmember/s whose validity of STCW certificate/s have been extended pursuant to this Advisory. An electronic copy of the said information shall be submitted via email at following the attached template in Annex A.

In spite of this extension, all seafarers are hereby encouraged to apply for revalidation of their Certificates of Competency (COC) and Certificates of Proficiency (COP) after completing their online/offline courses, as applicable to their certificate to be revalidated at the earliest opportunity in accordance with the standard requirements for revalidation. In which case, the 5-year validity date shall be reckoned from the original expiration date of the previous certificates. 

This Advisory shall take effect immediately and shall be valid until 31 December 2021 unless sooner revoked or a separate advisory was issued extending the validity of this Advisory. For the guidance and strict compliance of all concerned.


1. The temporary measure to allow attendance to refresher training up to 60 days after ordinary expiry of previous training will now expire on 30 September 2021. GWO expects to remove this exemption on 1 October 2021, barring any unforeseen circumstances such as a full domestic lockdown being imposed by a national government where domestic travel to a GWO training centre is prohibited.

2. Anyone requesting the 60 day extension should be aware that as a result of the above, any application made from August 1 2021 will receive the full 60 days; September 1, 30 days, September 20, 10 days and so on until the measure’s expiry on 1 October.

3. The temporary measure allowing an additional 30 days flexibility to complete an audit is removed from 30 June 2021.

Course participants who owing to a Covid-related cancellation are unable to attend a refresher course within the 24 months validity period, may refresh expired training up until a maximum of 60 days after expiry. In such cases, the course participant shall take steps to do so at the earliest possible opportunity and must prior to being admitted to a refresher course as far as practicable document to the training provider reasonable COVID-related justification for cancellation of the original planned training.
The measure to allow attendance to refresher courses up until 60 days after expiry does not constitute an extension of agreed validity periods for GWO training, and does not constitute a general exemption towards employers and duty-holders to ensure employees have adequate safety competences. It remains an employer prerogative to make decisions on whether to require valid training or give exemption.
GWO encourages employers who employ technicians whose training validity expires and who have reasonable reasons for expiry, to consider making exemptions and to take other measures to maintain necessary safety skills in whatever way is locally practicable, such as through exercises and managerial supervision. It continues to be important that the affected persons remain competent to perform their job functions safely and does not pose risk to themselves or to others working around them in the interim period.

Please refer to the attached advisory for further details.

Thank you!