1. The temporary measure to allow attendance to refresher training up to 60 days after ordinary expiry of previous training will now expire on 30 September 2021. GWO expects to remove this exemption on 1 October 2021, barring any unforeseen circumstances such as a full domestic lockdown being imposed by a national government where domestic travel to a GWO training centre is prohibited.

2. Anyone requesting the 60 day extension should be aware that as a result of the above, any application made from August 1 2021 will receive the full 60 days; September 1, 30 days, September 20, 10 days and so on until the measure’s expiry on 1 October.

3. The temporary measure allowing an additional 30 days flexibility to complete an audit is removed from 30 June 2021.

Course participants who owing to a Covid-related cancellation are unable to attend a refresher course within the 24 months validity period, may refresh expired training up until a maximum of 60 days after expiry. In such cases, the course participant shall take steps to do so at the earliest possible opportunity and must prior to being admitted to a refresher course as far as practicable document to the training provider reasonable COVID-related justification for cancellation of the original planned training.
The measure to allow attendance to refresher courses up until 60 days after expiry does not constitute an extension of agreed validity periods for GWO training, and does not constitute a general exemption towards employers and duty-holders to ensure employees have adequate safety competences. It remains an employer prerogative to make decisions on whether to require valid training or give exemption.
GWO encourages employers who employ technicians whose training validity expires and who have reasonable reasons for expiry, to consider making exemptions and to take other measures to maintain necessary safety skills in whatever way is locally practicable, such as through exercises and managerial supervision. It continues to be important that the affected persons remain competent to perform their job functions safely and does not pose risk to themselves or to others working around them in the interim period.

Please refer to the attached advisory for further details.

Thank you!