CTSI Launches Two New Boat Transfer Courses

CTSI recently introduced the newest addition to its course catalogue, Travel Safely by Boat Supplementary Training and the Boat Transfer Training (BTT).


Travel Safely by Boat Supplementary Training (TSBB ST)

Travel Safely by Boat Supplementary Training is an OPITO approved course designed for personnel who will use transfer basket when travelling and transferring by boat to an offshore oil and gas installation.


The course covers safety procedures when embarking and disembarking personnel transfer basket, including proper body position (where and how to stand, bending knees, stepping on and off), donning of appropriate PPE and PFD and associated risks/hazards involved in the operation of personnel transfer basket at sea.

Delegates who wish to take this course will need to submit a TSBB Initial Training certificate or TSBB Further Training certificate. This course has a  4-year validity period.

To date, CTSI has more than 35 OPITO-approved courses.


Boat Transfer Training (BTT)


Boat Transfer Training (BTT) targets offshore or wind turbine personnel who will be assigned to transfer baggage and equipment from one point to another. Trainees will be asked to perform exercises on how to safely transfer crew baggage and equipment from dock to vessel, vessel to vessel, vessel to turbine and turbine to vessel. This 1 –day course also covers topics on man overboard, lifesaving appliances and PPE.


Pilot class was conducted last July 5, 2019 at our Capipisa Training Facility.


To know more about these courses, please contact our Marketing Team.

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