CTSI Opens Two New OPITO Courses

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA CTSI marks the first quarter of the year with the opening of its two new OPITO approved  courses – Escape Chute Training and Authorized Gas Tester Course.

 Escape Chute Training (ECT) provides delegates with knowledge of the variety of   escape chute systems used offshore and the knowledge and skill to descend an escape chute safely online casino in the event of an emergency.  ECT is also packaged w/ Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET).

Authorized Gas Tester Course – Level 1 on the other hand, is designed for those personnel involved with performing a test for oxygen, flammable and toxic gases up to and, including working in a confined space with potentials of accumulating flammable and toxic gases.

The addition of ECT and AGT in its list of OPITO approved courses, attests CTSI’s   solid reputation as a leader in providing quality training programs to the maritime and petroleum offshore industries.

To learn more about CTSI courses, contact us at 632 5240572 or email us at marketing@ctsi.com.ph .

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