Dealing With Maritime Training Stress

Without sugarcoating it, a career in the maritime industry is often stressful and filled with a lot of challenges each professional needs to overcome. The maritime training in the Philippines isn’t much different, as you need to be able to handle the physical demands of the job, and that reflects on the courses. Still, this doesn’t mean you have to just take all of these without trying to make it better. You should know how to handle the stress to ensure you can survive your future career.

Find leisure activities you can do to relax

Even if the training period for certain courses can take up just a day or two, they can still be quite taxing physically due to the amount of legwork you have to do. With this, make sure you have time to unwind after training to destress and relax. This can be in the form of playing sports, reading books, watching films, or even spending time with your family. Find what works for you and do that in your free time.

Make an effort to befriend fellow trainees

No matter how brief the time you spend with other trainees can be, it’s still nice to make friends and bond with them every once in a while. You would be undergoing the same grueling experience together, from training down to when you’ve been assigned to a ship. These are the people you’ll be spending thick and thin with especially when the work gets tough. Better to establish camaraderie now not just for career connections but also for peace of mind all around.

Know what to expect

While knowledge of what each course entails doesn’t assure that you’ll be less stressed, it does mean that you’ll be less surprised on what’s to come. You’d more or less know what to expect and can prepare mentally and physically for it. It’s still going to be difficult, but at least you’re aware of the difficulty and can adjust accordingly. The same can be said for when you’re finally a seafarer.

Overall, the stress that comes with being a part of the maritime industry, whether as a trainee or as a working professional, can be overwhelming if not dealt with properly. Follow the tips above so you can ease the stress even just by a bit. And as always, if the going gets tough, there’s always resources online that can help you deal with mental health issues in general. There are even organizations within the maritime industry that can help you through the common anxieties that seafarers and seafarers in training face. Be sure to get the help you need to ensure you can move forward in your career and for your sake as well.