Filipinos Are Global Seafarers

For many years, Filipinos working in the maritime industry have been dominating on the global scale. Due to their proven perseverance, dedication, and professionalism, more and more international shipping companies prefer Filipino seafarers to be a part of their crew.

Filipino seafarers are known to deliver quality workmanship.

They value professionalism and consistency in devoting time and effort to their work. Their qualities are admired by both local and foreign employers therefore, increasing job opportunities intended for them. Communication is never a big issue as well. Filipinos in general can manage communicating in English that enable them to easily adapt, be trained, and work harmoniously with fellow seafarers regardless of the nationality.

Equipped with proper knowledge and training, Filipino seafarers possess good problem-solving and decision-making skills that are both highly relevant to easily survive in the varying climates, environment, and situations of working offshore. One sign of a highly trained seafarer is their ability to make fast and accurate decisions during crucial and life threatening situations.

Philippine maritime industry is facing a bright future ahead which translates to more job opportunities worldwide. To be worthy, one must be strictly trained based on the global maritime standards and earn relevant certifications to prove competence. Training Systems, Inc. is one of the schools that offer maritime training in the Philippines.

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