How Offshore Training In The Philippines Can Be Improved Amid COVID-19

With COVID-19 stopping several industries including the maritime field, there have been ways companies and organizations are addressing the issues it has brought. The same can be said for offshore training in the Philippines. It caused instructors and institutions to adjust and adapt to these trying times. With this crisis in mind, how can the industry as a whole improve on training without sacrificing both health and educational quality?

Enhance remote learning capabilities

Because social distancing is required in order to keep safe, remote learning is an option for a lot of institutions. Still, not everyone has access to such resources. This can be remedied by being able to provide technologies such as internet connection and laptops to trainees. This way, they can still learn despite the limitations of online learning. Aside from that, since applications such as Zoom and Skype are being used for other types of learning, why not do so for at least the lecture part of offshore training sessions?

Encourage collaboration between fellow instructors

As much as the trainers may be qualified to instruct said trainees, it must be said that the pandemic has made things more difficult in terms of imparting knowledge. Aside from certain drawbacks such as limitations in internet connection, there are some lessons that cannot be taught or are difficult to teach online. Despite these difficulties, those running these educational institutions should encourage collaboration and discussion between fellow trainers. This is so they can help each other fill the gaps each one has in terms of maritime instruction online.

Take advantage of technology for certification requirements

Once training courses have finished, there should be an effort for governing bodies to ensure applying and claiming the required certifications can be done with little to no need to go out and risk one’s health. There have been such efforts, namely the MARINA Integrated Seafarers Management Online (MISMO) System. This is a platform where one can process documents and handle transactions without having to meet face-to-face. Such processes can also include enrollment, bookings, and payment. Initially something made for convenience, such platforms are needed now more than ever for the sake of flattening the curve without having to freeze the industry as a whole.

This pandemic has taken its toll on a lot of things, including people and the industries they inhabit. We all have to do our best to ensure we can still continue despite these setbacks. With regards to maritime training, following the tips above may not guarantee a complete return to form in terms of old training standards. It can, however, help create a semblance of that is we all fight this virus together.

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