OPITO adds Atlas Assessment to skills screening tool

OPITO Training at CTSI

OPITO partners with Atlas Professionals to develop a drilling assessment tool to help employers find skilled and competent teams, and ensure a sustainable and safe environment offshore.

The screening tool is an online, user friendly platform adopted by oil and gas employers to measure the knowledge of the workforce and identify gaps in their skill sets. It will provide a better insight into the knowledge and experience of maritime professionals going offshore, and will further substantiate the company’s recruitment process and show its determination to provide a unique and comprehensive solution to its clients.

The addition of the Atlas Skills Assessment Tool was a combined effort of many stakeholders. It proves the industry’s drive to improve its standards in providing OPITO training in the Philippines to its personnel who work in the oil and gas industry.

After the completion of its trial, the assessment will be introduced to their clients in the future, delivering added value to their recruitment selection strategy. OPITO Chief Executive John McDonald believes that this tool will support their drilling clients’ human resources, recruitment and training functions, measure the skills of individuals both who are already in their organizations, and potential new recruits, guaranteeing their knowledge in specific disciplines. (OPITO, Oil & Gas Technology, Atlas Professionals)


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