Renewable Energy During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a shift in various sectors of every country. Among them, the energy sector has also experienced dynamic changes, with fossil fuel energy sources in particular suffering huge blows in its demand. Though this particular energy source has been on the decline even before the pandemic, the lockdown measures imposed by the outbreak has exacerbated the decrease of its demand.

With this, we turn to renewable energies. What do these alternative sources such as solar panels, hydroelectric plants, and industrial wind turbines have that make then a great power source amid and even after the pandemic?

Low cost and reliability to operate

Because the sources of these energies (namely sunlight, water, and air) are infinite, they are ultimately less costly to run and more reliable compared to other energies. In a time where people are at home working and electricity is a must all the time, having a trusted and minimal issue resource is crucial.

Increased demand

Due to the cost and reliability, there is an increase in demand for safe, renewable energies. Not to mention, there’s a decrease in demand for fossil fuels and other traditional yet potentially harmful electricity sources. This is good news for maritime trainees looking to make a career in the industrial wind turbine industry in particular, as well as businesses already in the field.

Call for environmental and health consciousness

More people are aware and focused on ensuring the environment is taken care of. As oil and gas plants and other industrial factories can be a source of both illness and pollution, renewable energies are a more viable alternative moving forward.

This doesn’t mean that these renewable energy industries haven’t experienced any losses. The general negative effect on the economy has also affected them. However, in the long-term, they are the ones that will continue to be in demand. While this doesn’t necessarily mean traditional energy sources will cease to exist, pandemic aside, it may be a good time to be part of and invest in these alternative energy sources.