SRN and MISMO: What You Need To Know

All maritime training centers in the Philippines are now required to ask all aspiring and current Filipino seafarers who wish to take STCW courses to provide an SRN prior to training.

What is SRN?

SRN or Seafarers Registration Number is a unique identification number assigned by MARINA.

Why do you need an SRN?

MARINA will ask you to provide an SRN before they can process any transaction/ request, be it an appointment for COP Issuance or Revalidation, or application for Theoretical and Practical Assessments, SIRB, etc. They need your SRN to access your records.

Training centers are required to upload your training records so you can also monitor the validity of your STCW courses such as Basic Training, STCW Refresher Courses, Fast Rescue Boat Training, etc.

How can I get an SRN?

You simply have to create a MISMO account. You will be provided an SRN as soon as you register.   If you already have an SCS account, you can use your user name at password to log in. If you don’t have an SCS but you have an SIRB, you can sign up via SIRB.

MISMO is MARINA’s online evaluation and appointment system which was launched in December 2018.

How to create a MISMO Account

  • Choose Register New Account.

  • Fill up necessary information. Don’t forget to tick the “I accept the terms & conditions” button and then click REGISTER.

  • You will receive an email verification within 5 minutes. Please click the confirm button to confirm your account.

  • You’ll then receive a notice that your registration has been successful.

  • Click sign in now, and you will be directed to your MISMO Profile Page where you can have access to your SRN or Seafarer’s Registration Number. Start updating your profile and you’re done!

Some final reminders: Ensure that your name and birthdate are correct because information encoded in MISMO will be reflected in your certificates. Make sure to also follow profile picture specifications to avoid processing delay.

If you have any concerns regarding your mismo account, you can email

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