Top 8 Reasons to Take Maritime and Offshore Training

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Maritime or Offshore is an industry related to the work at the sea. Before you can start working in this industry, you must finish various offshore training programs just like what we offer here in the Philippines. If you’re still unsure if you want to pursue this career, we hope that this article will help you decide for your future.


New Learnings

Working in the ship or in the sea makes a huge difference when you are used in working on the land. You will experience different environment, different people, and even different culture. This can help you open your eyes in a whole new level and learn things in a different way. This is your chance to also hone your leadership skills for you may need to work with limited men or team members.


Good Wages

For the knowledge of the readers, wages earn by the seafarers are higher compared to other professions. It can range from USD 1,000 to USD 4,500.


Travel the World

This is one of the most exciting perks of working offshore. Being a seafarer can give you a chance to see many beautiful places around the world from Asia, Europe to other continents while getting paid.


Job Benefits

Like other precious jobs, being a seafarer has many benefits. Filipino seafarers are entitled of medical insurance, standby pay for senior and good performance officers. Qualified Filipino seamen can also join seminars to improve and enhance their skills. Aside from the common benefits, Filipino seamen can also have the following;

Maritime Educational Development Loan Program (MEDLOP)

It is a guaranteed study now, pay later system for marine officers who are currently on board and want to pursue tertiary education.

– Mariners’ Dugtong-Aral (MDA)

This is a scholarship grant open for qualified graduates of BS Mechanical Engineer and BS Electrical  Engineer who wish to become an eligible marine officer.


Globally, outstanding seafarers are being recognized by their exceptional contribution in the industry. It can be by being a top seafarer, outstanding seafarer, having that leadership skill or ability to inspire others for accomplishing your responsibilities properly. If you received one of these recognition, then you have a chance to be known around the world and share your stories to every aspiring seafarer worldwide.


Career Opportunities

The ladder for better career opportunities is open for anyone who wants to be a maritime captain, navigation officer, marine engineer, deck cadet, oil driller, and more. You can take as many offshore or maritime training courses as you want to meet your educational requirements and achieve your desired positions.


Longer Vacation

Filipino Seafarers have at least two months vacation leave after finishing their contracts. In this case, they have a chance to go back to their families and enjoy a long vacation before they go back to work.

Filipino Seafarers are Preferred Around the World
Since the 90s, Philippines is the world’s leading source of maritime power. In fact, it reaches about 30% of the world’s seafarers. Some of the top reasons may include:

– Philippines provide quality education

– Filipino has good working attitude for the foreign employers

– Filipinos are hardworking

– Filipinos are fluent in English

– Filipino are trustworthy


Choosing a career is not an easy task. But with the opportunities mentioned above, working as a seafarer is a good choice. Just remember to use your talent, follow your heart, and work hard. Good luck!


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