For those who are availing Rigger (RT) course, please be informed that the following is stated in the OPITO Standard:

“Delegates successfully completing the Initial Training Programme will be issued with an OPITO certificate for the OPITO-approved Stage 1 Rigger Initial Training; they will also be issued with a Stage 2 Logbook to complete.”

With this, all delegates of RT Stage 1, whether re-takers or taking the course for the first time, must receive the Stage 2 logbook at the end of the training. Reason: should they apply for RT Stage 3, the dates in the Stage 2 Logbook must be within the validity of the RT Stage 1 certificate.  

The below procedure will be implemented starting next week:
1. For first-time takers – our current practice of providing printed Stage 2 logbooks will still continue. Please see attached logbook cover picture for reference.
Note: Additional USD 50 for the logbook will STILL be included in the billing like what we have been doing in the past.

2. For re-takers (those who have previous Rigger training records) – an electronic copy of the Stage 2 logbook will instead be provided via email. Our Registration staff will email the copy to the delegates.
Note: Soft copies of the logbook are free of charge.

During the training, our instructors will inform the re-takers to:
– provide their email address so that the copy of the Stage 2 logbook will be sent to them via email
– print the copy of the Stage 2 logbook and compile it in a file folder.