MARINA, PDEA Partner On Campaign Against Illegal Drugs

The Philippines’ Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) are working together to prevent illegal drugs from entering the country through its seaports.


Inspecting 1,200 private seaports all over the country, the campaign started with an information drive on the drug menace among seafarers and other port users last June. This is to keep seafarers and other maritime professionals informed on MARINA’s role in the government’s nationwide war on drugs, starting from the country’s entry points.


With drug regulation in ports reinforced, seafarers and traders can now be assured of their safety while on board and off shore.


From training to decks


Part of the maritime industry’s mission to be an instrument in the country’s development is to use its authority to prevent illegal drugs from setting foot through the ports.


In fact, in every maritime training, students are being taught of the industry’s regulations on drugs and alcohol use, especially when on duty. They are also oriented about port regulations that include the prohibition of illegal drugs from embarking the country, which also helps in furthering the government’s mission to fight drugs and criminality.


Seeing seafarers as instrumental to trade for both legal and illegal packages, leaders of the maritime industry all over the world have come up with regulations and code of conduct that will be strictly followed by all seafarers. It prohibits the consumption and possession of illegal drugs on ships.


Through proper maritime training in the Philippines, both aspiring and professional seafarers have been taught the perils of being under the influence while onboard and how it can negatively affect their work and employability later on.


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