‘Period of Grace’ and Closure of OPITO’s Certificate Extension Policy

Please find below reminders about the closure of OPITO’s Certificate Extension Policy.

Certificate Extension Policy: The scheme is to close, effective 19 October 2020.

Please note, the current Policy, remains in place until 23:59hrs on 18 October 2020, thereafter:

·If a delegate has been impacted by COVID-19, and their certification expires within 14 days before the expiry date, they can continue to request an extension by completing the appropriate form on the website (there are separate processes for employers and delegates (self-sponsors).

·There continues to be no charge for this service.

The following will take effect as of 00:01hrs 19 October:

·Certificates that have now expired – Will no longer be granted an extension. Delegates will be advised to undertake refresher training;

·Selection criteria – for exceptional circumstances in which certificate extension requests will be considered: (1) by government restrictions or (2) because an individual is in quarantine. Please see details in the attached advisory. 

· Period of Grace – A two-month ‘period of grace’ to undertake refresher training will begin from the expiry date of the certificate.

To enable a period of transition, measures have been introduced to support delegates and employing companies:

· In addition to the month’s notice of the change in policy, OPITO will allow a ‘period of grace’;

·  This ‘period of grace’ is a two-month period following a delegate’s certificate expiry date or the end of a current extension period, during which they are required to undertake refresher training in order to avoid duplication of their refresher training needs, and;

· This ‘period of grace’ will take effect when the current extension or certificate expires after 00:01hrs on 19 October 2020.

· No action is required on the individual’s part to be eligible for this ‘period of grace.’ This will be entered automatically after the currently applied extension ends, or when the current certificate held expires after the date annotated above.

· This ‘period of grace’ is designated to serve as a final opportunity to undertake appropriate refresher training, after which delegates will be required to undertake initial training again, where applicable.

·Vantage will not be updated with information related to this ‘period of grace.’ This means that ability to travel offshore may be affected.

· When appropriate training is completed within the ‘period of grace,’ the certificate(s) should be backdated to correspond with the expiry date of the original certificate to prevent any gaps in Vantage training records.

·An ‘expired’ certificate or extension can be accepted, as long as it is not more than two months past the expiry date.

Please refer to the attached Technical Bulletin 006 and the updated OPITO Certification Extension Policy for further details.

Certificate Extension Policy FAQs – These have also been revised on the OPITO COVID-19 landing page to reflect the updates to the Policy, view the dedicated page here: https://www.opito.com/certificate-extension-faqs