Problems Seafarers Can Encounter While On Duty

Travelling is a usual duty in the seafaring profession. Frequent journey from one country to another is undergone to reach ports and ships where they are destined. Seafarers know no less than to be fully prepared on what is ahead of them but still, some problems may arise unexpectedly.

Listed below are some problems seafarers can encounter while on duty to foreign land.

Failure to secure important documents

When going to ports on foreign lands, your official documents serve as your only identity. Misplacing these documents along the way can get you into a lot of trouble. To avoid this, it is important to take all necessary precautions like having multiple copies of every official document associated with work, file them accordingly, and keep a copy at home before going to the ship and a copy in your possession.

Missing connecting flights

There will be times that seafarers need to be in several connecting flights to reach a specific destination. Though a good transit time is always given between flights, there are still several cases wherein seafarers could miss their flights due to certain reasons. In case you miss your flight, you should contact your local office personnel to inform them regarding the situation. They will be able to arrange an alternative flight or a return flight in case ongoing flights are not available.

Lost or stolen luggage

This is a common incident and it can happen to anyone. Cases of lost or stolen luggage should be reported to the airline with your corresponding details such as your foreign agent and shipping office. luggage will be returned to you through your agent.

Law-disobedience on foreign land

There have been reported cases of seafarers being held and detained for not following laws on the foreign land they are in. You will be voyaging to new countries with different norms, cultures, and laws so you must ensure that you familiarize yourself with the local laws and regulations of the country in order to avoid any trouble.


Jobs offshore require dedication, and a lot of hard work. Adding problems such as those stated above will only waste time and effort. Awareness with the situation and knowing the basic precautionary measures from their maritime training in the Philippines can help every seafarer to avoid these.


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