Qualifications of Safety Trainers


There are numerous careers to be had in the maritime industry, whether onboard or by the shore. But aside from those jobs, you can also be a part of the people who are instrumental in instructing and training the future of the industry. But to do this, you have to fulfill the following criteria so you can become a qualified safety trainer.


As per Item No. 5.1 in STCW Circular No. 2014-04, you need to have a certificate of completion and certificate of proficiency as a result of taking up the necessary courses. This also applies to possible refresher courses once said certification of completion (COC) and certification of proficiency (COP) have expired. If the courses you’re teaching require you to operate machinery for simulations, you must be authorized to operate said machines as well. Having this is tangible proof that you are cleared to be an instructor and have the adequate knowledge to be imparting lessons to aspiring seafarers.


In the same item, it is also stated that you need to have experience both inside and outside the training program. Specifically, you must have at least 6 months of teaching experience within the last five years of a relevant program to the course you want to teach. You must also have field experience and knowledge related to said course so you can become a certified instructor. Not to mention that trainees are more likely to listen to you if they know that you know what you’re doing.

Characteristics of a good instructor

Last but not the least, a good safety trainer must also have the basic characteristics of a good instructor. You must be patient, have adequate interest in the subject, and be a great communicator. While the criteria above are there to legalize and legitimize your being an instructor, this last part is necessary in order for you to be an effective one.

If you want to become a safety trainer in the future, make sure to remember the items above so you know what to fulfill. That way, you can impart relevant knowledge for future maritime professionals to come.