Seafarers are Contented with Their Life at the Sea


The sea is the seafarer’s place of work and also momentarily, his home. Of course there will be stopovers along the way but they really are spending their whole working lives at sea. Living conditions can immensely be different from a vessel and voyage to another but according to a report, seafarers are contented with their life at the sea.

Initial findings by a new survey conducted as part of the BIMCO/ICS Manpower Report 2015 , a widely accepted manpower surveys in the global shipping industry, shows that many respondents are contented with their life at the sea.

Aside from this result, the report also found that:

  • Timely wage payments and career promotion opportunities were considered the most important factors influencing people’s decision to stay with their current employers;

  • Internet access and basic pay were cited as the biggest factors improving the conditions at sea within the last two years; and

  • 66 percent of seafarers have responded estimating that it would take them less than three months to find another role in the industry if they choose to leave their current position.

Conducted in a 5-year interval, these reports provided emphasis that the imbalances with supply and demand for seafarers and other manpower expected to arise in the years to come. This emphasized the need to understand seafarers’ opinions on life at sea as well as their viewpoint regarding manpower status of the industry that can be used in developing manpower situation, consideration of recruitment and training investments and commitments for the future. banking To date, more than 500 seafarers from over 40 nationalities have participated with the survey.

To seafarers, life at sea is a unique journey. Being situated in ships with crews coming from all over the world, from various cultures and backgrounds, and work in diverse areas of the shipping industry needs a lot of flexibility and the capability to adjust with the ever changing work environment that were briefed to them in their offshore training in the Philippines.

Knowing that they are contented with their life at the sea provides positive and peaceful mindset not only to them and the agency who handles them but also to the families and relatives that are waiting for the back home.


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