Standards for OPITO Training: Making Your Training in the Philippines World Class

opito standard training courses at ctsi philippines

Filipino seamen are required to complete their OPITO training here in the Philippines. This is very important, especially for those who board vessels which carry oil and gas. It is a requirement set for every seaman around the world for this training equips them with knowledge and competencies which are required for the employee’s efficiency and survival while onboard.

With these, OPITO provided global standards which includes the following:

Emergency and Critical Response Standards

This standard includes a variety of training programs for employees working on installations and vessels. It also measures the competence in managing and supervising emergency response situations.

Industry Training and Competence Standards

It develops training and competence for safety critical roles including offshore crane operations, rigging and lifting, painting and blasting, permit to work, gas testing and elected offshore safety representatives

UK National Occupational Standards

This standard stipulates what an individual needs to know, do and understand, in order to effectively carry out a specific role or function. It also develops assessment requirements for qualifications based on NOS.

Global Technical Standards

Caters disciplines for processing operations hydrocarbons and three maintenance disciplines: electrical, mechanical and instrument, and control.  It offers a range of qualifications that can be delivered in the training center.


With the continuous growth of the maritime industry, it’s crucial for its labor force to be trained in compliance with the OPITO standards across the globe. Enroll at CTSI, the only approved OPITO training provider in the country. Contact us and start your OPITO training today!


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