The Importance of Getting a BOSIET Certification

importance of bosiet certification - bosiet training at ctsi philippines

Over the years, the Philippines has been known to produce a world-class seafaring workforce. To exceed expectations, the country’s Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) continues to evolve and keep up with the increasing and changing demands in the international maritime field. One key component to achieve this is the constant improvement of training and certification of local seafarers.

Preparing for seafaring life requires training which is a vital and indispensable part of it. This is why certification is needed to prove one’s fitness and adequate competency before getting onboard ships. BOSIET training is one of the foundational and basic courses seafarers must undergo. 

BOSIET training at a glance

BOSIET stands for Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training. It was established to address and implement the safety standards and emergency responses in offshore platforms. Students will delve into hands-on training and simulated emergency scenarios.

BOSIET’S purpose is to hone proper awareness of offshore-related risks and hazards, knowledge of essential safety management and safety regulations, effective and quick response to crises and emergencies, and appropriate use and handling of safety equipment.

Safety induction, emergency training, sea survival, firefighting, and self-rescue are some of the general points covered in a BOSIET training course.

Ensuring safety for all

High risks and life-threatening working conditions demand that a seafarer be both knowledgeable and fully equipped for the tasks at hand. Safety is always the main goal and the driving force that compels seamen and maritime institutions worldwide to improve constantly.

Equipped with proper training will result in effective operation within offshore vessels facilities, consistent compliance in safety standards, and an overall efficient workforce.

Opening more opportunities in being hired

A proven skill set is vital in landing a job, especially in the seafaring workforce. Companies involved in the maritime industry require proof that a seaman is qualified for the job. Certificates needed will vary depending on the vessel type and primary responsibilities. The seaman’s rank is also considered in certification requirements.

A BOSIET training certificate is necessary before joining offshore vessels or working in offshore facilities. Certification is a standardized measure that safeguards the working conditions and the lives involved in the maritime industry. It is done to prevent any types of losses and lessen accidents.

Ready and equipped to dominate the local and international maritime industry

The seafaring life is life-long learning. Basic foundations should be established before anything else to ensure an enduring and stable career in the maritime industry. The local seafaring workforce holds great potential and capabilities that can only be harnessed with proper and effective training.

CTSI wants every aspiring seaman to reach the highest heights in their career. Accomplishing this entails providing excellent BOSIET training in the Philippines and offering other relevant courses. With excellence at the forefront of its services, CTSI guarantees to produce first-rate and globally competitive Filipino seafarers, taking the lead wherever they may be.

Get the required certifications today from CTSI and experience a rewarding journey as a seaman.