What OPITO Stands for in the Offshore Industry

What OPITO Stands for in the Offshore Industry

CTSI, September 4, 2013

In every industry and society, a set of rules is needed in order to achieve balance and discipline. The oil and gas industry is no stranger to this fact. Thus, the existence of its ruling body – the OPITO.

If you’re part of the petroleum industry, you should be aware on how OPITO operates. With over 30 years of records, the OPITO exists to make sure that the industry only gets excellent standards, skills development and learning for the benefit of the industry and its workforce.

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What is OPITO

Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization, or commonly known as OPITO, is responsible for the standards in the oil and gas industry particularly in emergency response and training.  The standards set by OPITO are produced and agreed by related groups, and those that passed such standards are recognized worldwide.

These standards are necessary for the welfare of the oil and gas workers, manning groups, and other groups involved in the said industry.   These standards will make sure that these people have received the necessary offshore safety training that will help them survive in this demanding industry.

What are the OPITO standards

In order to be fully competent in the oil and gas industry, OPITO requires certain knowledge and training about personal and professional development in the field. The following are the types of standards of OPITO:

·         Emergency and Critical Response Standards

This set of standards is created for the survival of offshore workers. This covers basic firefighting, teamwork and leadership, and other emergency training needed to effectively survive the demands of the industry.

·         OPITO Industry Training & Competence Standards

For well-defined roles, OPITO created a set of standards for competency training. This covers specialized development roles in rigging and lifting, transportation of goods and gas testing among others.

Organizations have abided to these rules of OPITO. Institutes and training centers make sure that their courses are approved by this ruling body in order to produce competent offshore workers.

As a leading offshore training center in Asia, CTSI provides OPITO-approved training courses administered by only the best staff.  In fact, the institute has opened the first quarter of 2013 by offering two new courses – the Escape Chute Training and Authorized Gas Tester Course. These additions only attest that CTSI is a leader in quality training programs for petroleum offshore industries.

In order to ensure that you’re armed with the necessary tools to survive in the petroleum industry, make sure that your training only came from OPITO-approved centers.

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